21 Oct Volunteer to take climate action in the GTHA with YCI’s Innovate MY Future!


Do you want to take action for your community and your future? YCI’s Innovate MY Future teams are actively recruiting volunteers to support their climate action projects!

We are seeking volunteers aged 16-24 in the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA) who want to take climate action and help teams participating in YCI’s Innovate MY Future program scale their impact. Volunteers will build skills, grow their network and access resources, including mentorship from municipal partners like the City of Toronto, City of Hamilton, Peel Region and many more.

There are currently 11 teams working on a variety of climate solutions that are looking for like-minded youth to join their teams. Read on to learn more about their community climate action projects and how you can join.


Fair Food Halton


Fair Food Halton is challenging unsustainable consumption habits through a youth-focused sustainable food campaign. Their educational database promotes eco-friendly life skills including sourcing, storing and preparing food with the environment in mind. If successful, schools and youth communities across Ontario will adopt and integrate this resource as an educational tool.

Want to join their team? E-mail fair.foods.halton@gmail.com




Green Thumbs 


The Green Thumbs are working to address food insecurity and food deserts with community gardens in the Moss Park community in Toronto. Their project centers around revitalizing an existing community garden to provide a space for community members to grow and sell their own produce.

Want to join their team? E-mail torontogreenthumbs@gmail.com  



Sauga Flood Buds


The Sauga Flood Buds are working to build rain gardens in under-resourced areas of Mississauga. Existing stormwater infrastructure is unable to protect these communities against the projected heavier rainfall caused by climate change. Working with the City of Mississauga, they are creating a community-centered rain garden as proof-of-concept of climate resilience.

Want to join their team? E-mail saugafloodbuds@gmail.com  




Climate Crusaders 


The Climate Crusaders are driving sustainability forward in their Oakville community by teaching their fellow classmates and community members how to upcycle pre-loved clothing into new and fashion-forward items. Working with Second Life Pattern Co., students at Oakville Trafalgar High School will be invited to learn sewing and mending techniques to create giftable items, just in time for the holidays!

Want to join their team? E-mail innovatemyfuture@yci.org



Global Tranquility 


Global Tranquility is an emerging club that aims to encourage youth to explore some of the exciting technological innovations to address climate change. In partnership with local post-secondary schools, Global Tranquility hopes to run workshops, panels and a pitch competition to bring out these ideas.

Check them out on Instagram, @globaltranquility or email innovatemyfuture@yci.org



Hamilton Climate Allies 


Working in partnership with Environment Hamilton, the Hamilton Climate Allies are tackling stormwater waste education by engaging youth in their community in workshops and seminars. They hope to amplify their impact by partnering with local organizations working on the same issue.

Want to join their team? Email innovatemyfuture@yci.org





Team Autoplow is a tech-focused team designing an autonomous snow plowing robot for use on municipal sidewalks to clear snow, reducing the need for snow melting and environmentally damaging salts. Their goal is to create communities with less salt on roadways and in waterways, more accessible sidewalks and fewer ice-related injuries.

Want to join their team? Email macautoplow@gmail.com  




Pedal 4 Planet  


Pedal 4 Planet hopes to highlight the benefits of cycling in place of driving through a series of workshops in Toronto. With the support of the City of Toronto, Pedal 4 Planet will demonstrate that active transportation can be practical and fun, while also reducing emissions. 

Want to join their team? E-mail innovatemyfuture@yci.org





EcoMarkham aims to promote residential home energy efficiency through educational and hands-on workshops. With support from the City of Markham, EcoMarkham hopes to introduce this information in an engaging way for children and parents alike.

Want to join their team? E-mail innovatemyfuture@yci.org







RetroVaughan is accelerating the adoption of energy-efficient building practices by rewarding homeowners who have made sustainable design choices. With support from the City of Vaughan, they are developing an award to recognize eco-friendly and energy-efficient retrofits.

Want to join their team? E-mail innovatemyfuture@yci.org






EcoShift is building Vamos – an app that incentivizes Richmond Hill residents to choose active transportation, using their bikes instead of cars. The app offers them a challenging leaderboard environment with a points-and-rewards system.

Check them out on Instagram, @vamo_app 

Want to join their team? E-mail innovatemyfuture@yci.org



Learn more & apply! 


To apply and join a youth-led team, please complete the Innovate MY Future Program Registration Form to begin the team-matching process. Feel free to note which team(s) you would be interested in joining in your application answers.

If you have any questions, please email innovatemyfuture@yci.org.