12 May To the Next 25 Years

The month of March brought with it a wave of excitement for Youth Challenge International. Every morning, our team was seen logging onto our new crowdfunding platform to track how much closer we were to achieving our target for the 25/25 campaign.


But what was all this hype about? What was 25/25?


25/25 celebrated YCI’s 25 years of work in communities across Africa and Central America, and the enduring mission to drive social change through youth innovation. The campaign also marked a shift in our innovative approach to help youth propel themselves forward. By addressing the needs of youth through meaningful employment solutions, YCI aims to create a wave of future leaders across various developing communities.


The 25/25 campaign was an invitation to support and celebrate YCI’s new programs through a $25 donation. One could also pledge $250 to become a YCI sponsor.

Would it be possible? How much more did we need? Every contribution helped us get one step closer. It was great to see YCI supporters donate generously from all around the globe.

With more and more pledges everyday, optimism at the YCI office grew. The last four days of the campaign were crucial- contributions spiked and surpassed all expectations! By the end of the campaign, YCI was successful in raising $3051 against a target of $2500. This was 122% of the initial target!

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 10.56.15 AM

The success of the 25/25 campaign was solely because of the generous support of YCI’s family of alumni, donors and friends. YCI is grateful to everyone who contributed and pledged their support for YCI and the work it has done.

Your support means change.

In the next month YCI will be co-launching EQWIP HUBs with Canada World Youth and a collaborative force of global partners. As the next phase in the YCI journey, 17 innovation spaces will be launched in Bolivia, Ghana, Indonesia, Peru, Senegal and Tanzania, bringing together young Canadians and local youth in market-driven, career skills and entrepreneurial incubators.

Get ready, EQWIP HUBs launches soon!