Pro Innovators

YCI’s Pro Innovators solution supports specialized needs for program delivery, capacity building and skill development. We collaborate with new and existing partners worldwide to match organizational needs to skilled professionals across the creative, financial, program development and health sectors.


A program to save and improve the lives of women of reproductive age, newborns and children under five in hard-to-reach regions of Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar and Rwanda.

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How Pro Innovators Work

Pro Innovators share their specialty skills in countries around the world.

Human Capital

Although we live in a technological world, skilled people are still the primary drivers of change. By matching skilled professionals to organizations in demand of their expertise, program activities are enhanced and outcomes are strengthened through the support and placement of appropriate human capital. Skills are shared, allowing local talent to eventually take over.

Professional Innovation

Pro Innovators are people who want to make a difference in the world and are motivated to share their specialized skills and talents. Pro Innovators are chosen based on their congruence with the specific roles that have been designed in collaboration with local partners.

Contributing to Success

When Pro Innovators share their skills the impact stretches beyond a single project or program. The hours accumulated through Pro Innovator placements can help organizations fulfill matching contribution requirements for donors, equipping them for future success.

Complete Support

With 25 years of experience facilitating global exchanges, YCI organizes and runs the preparation phase, ensuring Pro Innovators have the tools they need to succeed during their placement. Pro Innovators are supported during their placement by local YCI staff.

Developing Pro Innovators


An organization approaches YCI and the conversation begins. We develop the Creative Team to explore the local context and uncover the specialized skills that the organization could benefit from and opportunities to share those skills.


YCI works with the organization to determine what they need to enhance their programs. This could be an organizational development need or a need to support specialized services in the field such as entrepreneurship, health care or early childhood education.


With needs identified, the Solutions Team creates a custom plan to source those skills, leverage assets, and enhance programming. Pro Innovator profiles are developed and recruitment strategies are put into action.


Talented humans are recruited according to the Pro Innovator profiles. YCI supports the volunteers in preparation for and throughout their placement. Learning and impact metrics are gathered and used to enhance the experience and impact recruiting future pro innovators and organizational partners.


Opportunities to enhance or scale are identified and the social impact and feasibility of the solution is determined. This allows us to reach new partners and foster greater impact.

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To learn more about Pro Innovators or to work together on establishing a Pro Innovator program for your initiatives please get in touch.

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