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How can we reimagine the future of Canada’s international assistance?

Introducing A Platform For Change

How can Canada serve the world’s most vulnerable people in bolder and more innovative ways? How can we better address some of the world’s greatest challenges? How can we achieve the 2030 Global Goals?

The Government of Canada wants to know how we can reimagine our international assistance policies, and they’ve invited all Canadians to have their say!


The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal set of 17 aspirations designed to improve the future of the world by 2030. From ending poverty to combating climate change and fighting injustice and inequality, the Global Goals set forth targets that we have a collective responsibility to achieve!

YCI X The Global Goals

Over the coming years YCI’s global youth development solutions will support the following goals:


With over 25 years practicing global youth development, we’ve learned a thing or two about how Canada can push the boundaries and amplify its international impact!


Put youth at the core

Today’s youth are the largest generation of young people in history and have the greatest potential to act on the Global Goals. By developing a strategy and funding system that re-prioritizes youth as agents of change, we can create a domino effect that will make the world safer, healthier and more equal.


Foster cultures of collaboration

By encouraging cross-sector collaboration and private sector partnerships, we can leverage our unique strengths and expertise to develop more innovative models of international assistance. By supporting consortiums and collaborative projects, we can combine the best minds and talents to accomplish more collectively.


Create supportive spaces

By providing spaces for young people to connect, engage and grow, we can foster local innovation to address the Global Goals. Through human centred design, we can create spaces that serve the needs of today’s youth (especially young women and girls), and empower them to build sustainable livelihoods, support networks and safer communities.


Develop Responsive Funding

Impact is never instant, and bold international assistance initiatives can take time to test to reach their potential. By focusing on longer-term financing that responds to evolving local priorities, supports risk-taking and learning, and encourages youth development we can motivate the system and achieve more sustainable outcomes.

The consultations on Canada’s International Assistance Review is an initiative of Global Affairs Canada.

Have Your Say

How would you reimagine Canada’s approach to international assistance? Share your ideas by July 31!

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