12 Jun Volunteers Lauren Tilley and Bailey Chitty Rescued by Ghanian Police


12.06.19 – Early this morning Lauren Tilley and Bailey Chitty were rescued by Ghanian police. They are safe and both the police and Government of Ghana are ensuring the young women’s protection in Ghana. The parents of both young women have been in contact with their daughters and at this time wish to express their extreme gratitude to the Ghanaian police, the Ghanaian Government and the Canadian Government for all their support and actions throughout this extremely difficult time. Bailey and Lauren are receiving emotional and psychological support from professionals as they travel home. Medical reports are that they are both physically unhurt. At this time we are unable to comment on the police actions, the rescue or the perpetrators of the abduction.

We kindly ask all media to respect the families’ privacy. Youth Challenge International and Canada World Youth have been closely supporting the families throughout and will be the point of contact for all media enquiries, please visit www.yci.org and www.canadaworldyouth.org

As you will appreciate, we are receiving a large volume of requests and kindly ask that you contact the following for all enquiries.

Media Enquiries: info@yci.org