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YCI believes that young Canadians and Americans have a meaningful contribution to make to international development and global youth development. Over the years we have seen our youth volunteers become the leaders of non-profits and key contributors to society.

We have also seen local youth in developing countries become inspiring leaders and citizens in their own countries. And we have seen the local NGOs we partner with become effective and sustainable organizations. This is the heart of what we do.

How do we do it? By putting young Canadians and Americans together with local youth on hands-on projects that address real needs, identified by local partners. The benefits are powerful – team dynamics, cross-cultural understanding, youth energy and the spirit of volunteerism all combine to create a potent force for change.

But it's not a vacation - volunteers live under the most basic conditions in remote locations with little in the way of amenities. And the work schedules can be demanding, challenging youth to tap into hidden personal resources to achieve results.

Nor does it end with their return to their home countries. YCI is only the beginning of a lifetime of involvement in the critical issues that face youth in Canada, the United States and around the world.