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Stephen Brown – Chair
Stephen is a management consultant and partner with Deloitte Consulting, where he specializes in supply chain and logistics strategy for Fortune 500 companies.
Bryan Cox
Bryan has 14 years of international development experience and has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, North America, Central and South East Asia, and the Middle East. He has had the opportunity to work on a diverse cross section of international programs in partnership with communities affected by poverty, conflict, and natural disasters. Most recently, he was Director for the International Rescue Committee and the CARDI consortium in Jakarta, Indonesia. Bryan joined YCI as Executive Director in August 2008 and is excited to be a part of the growing global movement in youth development.

Gwen Gainer
Gwendolyn founded Teramark LLC, a digital marketing firm, in 2001.  She has more than 12 years experience performing all aspects of creating a full marketing campaign for organizations across a broad range of industries. Prior to establishing TeraMark, Gwendolyn worked as the Food Logistics Coordinator and HQ Information Manager at ADRA International in Silver Spring Maryland.  Gwendolyn has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Cum Laude, from Andrews University with emphasis on Graphic Design/Illustration. 

Scott Brady
Scott has 13 years of experience as a litigator for international law firms and as a prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice. He currently serves as the Head of Global Litigation for Federated Investors, Inc.  Prior to becoming an attorney, Scott worked in international relief and development for seven years in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, specifically in emergency post-conflict relief.  Scott has a B.A. from Harvard University and a J.D. from Pennsylvania State University.

Jeffery D. Wright
Jeffery ("Jeff") is a humanitarian relief and development professional with more than twenty years of experience in the humanitarian industry. His background includes a variety of programmatic and managerial roles, as well as a mix of headquarters, regional, and field-based positions. Jeff has been operationally deployed by his employers to many of the high-profile disasters and complex humanitarian emergency responses of the past two decades, including Hurricane Mitch, the Asian Tsunamis of 2004, the Haiti Earthquake and the cross-border response in northern Syria.