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Vanuatu is a chain of islands in the South Pacific and it is part of the Melanesian Archipelago, which includes Papua New Guinea and Fiji. It has one of the lowest standards of living in the world and is virtually a subsistence economy. The main community development needs of Vanuatu concern youth unemployment and alienation, geographical isolation from infrastructure in the remote islands, reliance on foreign aid, the lack of a productive sector and minimal formal education.

YCI offers Youth Ambassador programs in Vanuatu. This program is a unique experience for participants wanting program planning and management experience in a rural development setting. YCI works in Vanuatu with its partner Youth Challenge Australia and local partner, Youth Challenge Vanuatu (YCV), to implement health, infrastructure and leadership programs.


Working in a team of international and indigenous youth with the support of YCV staff, volunteers will work to improve the social and economic welfare of communities. As a volunteer in Vanuatu you may:
  • Participate in capacity building and infrastructure projects including the construction of health posts, schools, wells, water tanks, ventilation-improved toilets, community centres and community kitchens.
  • Organize Youth Skills Summits, which provide local youth with the opportunity to share information and learn new skills through seminars and workshops on topics ranging from HIV/AIDS, social relationships, to employment opportunities and small business.
  • Participate in small teams project, with a focus on environmental research and health. These may include environmental education, health awareness workshops, tourism skills development workshops and women’s forums.
  • Coordinate with local community groups participate in the design and implementation of all projects.
For information on project dates, please refer to the Program Calendar.


HDI:   126/182
Population:   0.246 million
Life Expectancy:   69.9 years 
Infant mortality:   28/1,000 births
Youth Literacy Rate:   92%
Adult Literacy Rate:   78.1% 
HIV prevalence: (ages 15-49)   N/A
Population living below the national
poverty line: