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Tanzania faces a number of development challenges as a result of high youth unemployment, HIV/AIDS and urbanization. In collaboration with local NGOs in Morogoro and Zanzibar, YCI works on projects related to youth health livelihoods and leadership.

YCI offers Youth Ambassador, Youth Innovator, Global Professional and Youth Leadership Team programs in Tanzania. Volunteers are provided with unique opportunities to acquire new skills and apply previous experience to community development initiatives through a variety of projects.


Working alongside local community partner organizations, with support from YCI staff, volunteers assist in the delivery and expansion of local programming. A focus is placed on mobilizing youth through skills development and employability training, HIV/AIDS awareness, gender equality training, and enabling local youth to acquire leadership roles. Volunteers live with a local host family located nearby YCI’s partner organizations in the community.

As part of a small team of volunteers in Tanzania you could:

  • Coordinate and work alongside local youth in the delivery of workshops. Topics range from the HIV/AIDS to employability.
  • Expand and continue promoting the “Courage for Life” (Ushujaa) YCI-Tanzania campaign through a variety of events like weekly talent nights or debates.
  • Work with local schools to enhance learning themes and topics through English literacy or health curriculum development and teaching.
  • Assist local drama clubs with developing and coordinating edutainment activities that combine music, dance, drama and storytelling in a variety of project activities and community outreach.
  • Organize community events such as a Community Health Care Day or Sports Days to involve and reach out to the community at large. These events may include activities around World AIDS Day or International Women’s Day.
  • Work with local groups of people living with HIV and AIDS on a variety of activities from income generation with batik or soap making, to nutrition and play programs for children living with HIV.
  • Help facilitate new initiatives with local women’s and girls’ groups.
  • Improve facilities and activities available at local youth centres and meeting places.
For information on project dates, please refer to the Program Calendar.


HDI:   151/182
Population:   45 million 
Life Expectancy:   55.0 years 
Infant mortality:   65/1,000 births
Adult Literacy Rate:   72.3% 
Youth Literacy Rate:   78%
HIV prevalence: (ages 15-49)   6.2%
Population living below the national
poverty line