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Guyana remains one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean Commonwealth. Community capacity in Guyana suffers from a lack of skilled human resources, made worse by chronic emigration. Community leaders are often unable to respond effectively to locally identified needs, due to a lack of resources and support as well as the remoteness of rural communities.

In conjunction with our partner Youth Challenge Guyana (YCG), YCI offers Youth Ambassador, Youth Innovator and Youth Leadership Team projects in Guyana, South America. They provide opportunities to acquire solid skills from exciting and dynamic projects in remote communities.


Working in a team with the support of YCI staff, participants will work to improve the social and economic welfare of communities. Focuses will include health education, youth skills, leadership development and literacy training.

As a volunteer in Guyana you may:
  • Facilitate workshops on HIV/AIDS, substance abuse and sexual reproductive health.
  • Conduct literacy sessions on topics identified by the communities.
  • Provide support in local schools and classrooms.
  • Assist existing women’s group with the marketing of traditional crafts.
  • Organize Life Skills Summits in partnership with local youth groups and peer mentors.
For information on project dates, please refer to the Program Calendar.


HDI:   114/182
Population:   0.761 million
Life Expectancy:   66.5 years
Infant mortality:   42/1,000 births
Youth Literacy Rate:   N/A
Adult Literacy Rate:   96.5%(old data)
New data N/A
HIV prevalence: (ages 15-49)   2.5%
Population living below the national
poverty line