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Ghana plays a key role in African leadership. It was the first country in colonial Africa to achieve its independence in 1957, and is home to world leaders, such as Kofi Annan, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and former UN Secretary General.

Rapid population growth amongst the youth demographic in Ghana has made access to education and employment training opportunities increasingly difficult. Young women face many additional challenges, with less than 60% finishing primary school and the rate of HIV infection being twice as high amongst young women as that of their male peers aged 14 to 24 years.


YCI has worked closely with our local partners, such as the YMCA and YES Ghana (Youth Empowerment Synergy), in developing programs that directly address the current challenges young people are facing. YCI volunteers work and live in small teams and receive direction from YCI’s program staff. Projects are centered on youth livelihoods, leadership and health. Youth programming is promoted using peer-to-peer models for disseminating accurate information and ensuring maximum youth participation in programming.

YCI offers Youth Ambassador, Youth Innovator, Youth Leadership Team and Global Professional projects in Ghana. These programs provide a unique opportunity to acquire new development skills and apply your existing experience to innovative youth and community development programming.

As a volunteer in Ghana you may:
  • Coordinate and work alongside local youth to implement HIV/AIDS, leadership and life skills workshops and conferences.
  • Assist with entrepreneurship and technical skills training programs, helping young people to gain vocational skills and earn sustainable livelihoods.
  • Mobilize youth to become active and engaged citizens in their communities by promoting participation and identifying existing support systems, resources and opportunities to do so.
  • Work with young women to promote leadership, capacity building, income generation, and involvement in community decision-making processes.
  • Plan and implement large YCI community outreach events around key dates such as International Women’s Day and World AIDS Day.
For information on project dates, please refer to the Program Calendar.


HDI:   152/182
Population:   24.3 million
Life Expectancy:   56.5 years
Infant mortality:   73/1,000 births 
Adult Literacy Rate:   65.0%
Youth Literacy Rate:   78% 
HIV prevalence: (ages 15-49)   1.9%
Population living below the national
poverty line