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Costa Rica is renowned for the protection of its rainforests and the abolition of its army in 1948. Contemporary development challenges include poverty in rural communities, poor health, gender inequality, infrastructure and environmental protection. The secondary school dropout rate amongst rural youth is also a key challenge.

YCI has been working with its local partner, Reto Juvenil Internacional (RJI), for over 17 years, implementing programs focused on youth skills development as well as local environmental and ecotourism projects (including National Parks trail building and construction projects) to meet basic community needs.


YCI offers Youth Discovery and Youth Leadership Team projects in Costa Rica. These programs provide opportunities for young people to acquire solid skills from projects focused on environmental awareness and community development.

Working in a team with the support of RJI staff, volunteers will work to improve the social and economic welfare of communities. As a volunteer in Costa Rica you may:

  • Design and deliver environmental education campaigns
  • Implement small-scale community based infrastructure projects such as trails, lookouts, or visitor centres in parks and conservation areas in order to attract and educate visitors.
  • Improve and help build basic infrastructure such as health outposts, youth centres, schools or classrooms in rural communities.
For information on project dates, please refer to the Program Calendar.


HDI:   54/182
Population:   4.64 million
Life Expectancy:   78.7
Infant mortality:   10/1,000 births 
Adult Literacy Rate:   95.9%
Youth Literacy Rate:   98%
HIV prevalence: (ages 15-49)   0.4%
Population living below the national
poverty line