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Our Global Partners

Central America: Reto Juvenil Internacional (RJI)
Reto Juvenil Internacional (RJI) is a non-profit Costa Rican organization, which was officially registered in 1994 - though initial project work began as early as 1991. To date RJI has implemented more than 200 environmental and community projects, engaging over 2,000 international volunteers in the process. Winner of the nationally recognized "Contributions for the Quality of Life Improvements Award" in 2005, RJI works to support community initiatives that contribute to community growth, while also promoting the personal development of youth volunteers through their solidarity-driven participation in community projects.

ENACTUS Ghana (formerly known as SIFE), headquartered in Accra, is an international organization that brings together student, academic and business leaders with the aim of ensuring young entrepreneurs gain the business and success skills necessary to become socially responsible business leaders. Through its three focus areas of Community Development, Youth Professional Development and Entrepreneurial Development, ENACTUS Ghana partners university students with corporate and business leaders to apply business concepts in developing community outreach projects to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Since 2000, ENACTUS Ghana students have implemented over 250 community outreach projects.

Ghana: Entrepreneurship Training Institute
The Entrepreneurship Training Institute, founded in 2005, offers professional education and skills training in a variety of areas of entrepreneurship. The Institute, located in Accra, Ghana, ensures that entrepreneurs seeking to start new businesses learn to apply modern and sustainable business growth and enhancement techniques.

Ghana: Ghana Coalition for NGOs in Health
The Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health (GCNH) is a not-for-profit civil society organization established in 2000 as an umbrella and coordinating body of activities of all registered local NGOs/CBOs in the health sector in Ghana. It currently has a membership of over 500 registered member organizations with regional branches and offices in all the 10 regions in Ghana. The objectives of GCNH are to foster networking and information sharing among local health NGOs, provide the platform for carrying out evidence-based advocacy campaigns, empower member organizations to deliver standard public health services in communities, as well as mobilize and manage resources from and on behalf of donor agencies.

Guyana: Youth Challenge Guyana (YCG)
Youth Challenge Guyana (YCG) was incorporated in 1990 after YCI’s inaugural project in Guyana and has become a nationally acclaimed leader in youth development and HIV/AIDS. YCI has partnered with YCG for its entire history and much of YCI’s future success in all countries can be attributed to the relationship with YCG. YCG programs include HIV/AIDS education and counseling, skills training, gender equity, literacy and the expansion of peer education networks in remote areas. YCG is a strong sustainable organization with a long history of involvement with YCI and with youth volunteers, having involved over 1,000 youth to date.

Tanzania: Kivulini Women’s Rights Organization
The Kivulini Women’s Rights Organization, located in Mwanza, Tanzania employs a rights-based approach to address the issue of violence against women and girls in the Lake Victoria Region. Founded in 1999, Kivulini works to facilitate the creation of social, economic and legal environments that guarantee women and girls' right to live in violence-free communities. Through multifaceted primary prevention programs, including advocacy, community and youth mobilization, and training, Kivulini is changing the attitudes and assumptions that underlie violence against women.

Tanzania: Labayka Development Fund
The Labayka Development Fund (LDF) supports sustainable socio-economic development in the Nungwi region, by providing education and training initiatives and promoting good health & hygiene practices. LDF aims to protect and preserve the natural environment in Nungwi, as well as its cultural and historical assets.

Tanzania: Mwanza Youth and Children's Network
Founded by a group of 14 young adults in 2009, the Mwanza Youth and Children's Network (MYCN) aims to serve Tanzanian children and youth living in and out of Mwanza. Under the slogan of HOPE! ACTION! CHANGE!, MYCN develops and enhances the intellectual, physical, moral, cultural, and economic capacity of upcoming Tanzanian generations to make them productive members of their society. MYCN's areas of expertise include educational support, economic empowerment, health and human rights. YCI has been working with MYCN since 2013.

Tanzania: 4H Tanzania
4H Tanzania is part of an international movement of youth organizations in over 80 countries.  The fundamental objective of 4H is to provide entrepreneurship, livelihood, and life skills training to youth living in rural areas. 4H Tanzania provides pre-professional education in production activities, leadership skills, community health, environment and conservation awareness for youth aged 6-25. YCI partners with the Mwanza 4H club to train young people to learn practical life skills, become active citizens, use critical thinking, conserve the environment, become leaders, and live healthy lives.

Tanzania: Umoja Centre
The Umoja Centre, run by the registered NGO Umoja Tanzania Incorporated, is an education centre located in Arusha, Tanzania and is YCI’s newest partner organization. Founded in 2009 by Caroline Goody and Emma Wagner, the Umoja Centre’s mission is to create a centre that encourages independent thinking and empowers young people to create change in their lives and the wider community. The centre currently works with approximately 80 students who come from extreme poverty and have had minimal access to education. Students at the Umoja Centre participate in a year-long program to learn vital skills such as English, computers, business studies, and personal development, in addition to organizing community activities and initiatives about relevant local issues.
Tanzania: ZANGOC
ZANGOC (Zanzibar NGO Cluster) is a Non-governmental organization established in 1996 that strives to build collective efforts in combating the HIV/AIDS pandemic. ZANGOC is comprised of 30 HIV/AIDS organizations of which 10 are youth-serving and draws its members from the two Islands of Pemba and Unguja. ZANGOC’s vision is of strong, committed and dynamic member organizations that effectively fight the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Zanzibar. The member organizations of ZANGOC are working on youth and HIV/AIDS programming and related youth employment and advocacy in Zanzibar. YCI has been working with ZANGOC since 2005 and has extended their capacity to deliver programs at a larger scale.

Tanzania: Zanzibar Youth Forum
The Zanzibar Youth Forum (ZYF) is a civil society youth organization solely registered and dedicated to the empowerment, advancement and capacity building of the young people of Zanzibar. ZYF serves as a platform to advocate for the rights and empowerment of youth. ZYF strives for true democracy and human rights through lobbying and advocacy, information sharing, organizing workshops, symposiums, seminars, and enhanced cooperation with national and international youth issues.

Ghana: YMCA Ghana
The YMCA of Ghana was founded in 1890 and its mission is to bring positive change to the lives of young people and to make them useful and productive citizens. The YMCA of Ghana is headquartered in Accra and operates in 77 communities in 8 of the 10 Administrative Regions in Ghana. YCI has partnered with the YMCA of Ghana since 2006, training 50 Ghanaian youth as HIV/AIDS peer educators and reaching over 4,000 local youth through HIV/AIDS and employability training activities.

Uganda: Uganda Youth Network
The Uganda Youth Network (UYONET) has seven full-time staff, as well as local volunteers. They lead a consortium of 15 registered youth community-based organizations, and multiple other associates in 17 districts throughout Uganda. UYONET’s programming is focused on four themes: governance and human rights, youth, environment and climate change, economic empowerment and institutional capacity building, as well as capacity building with partners. YCI launched its partnership and first pilot project with UYONET in 2010. UYONET has also received funds and partnered with the UN democracy fund, National Endowment for Democracy, African Youth Trust and others.