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YCI's Key Methodologies for Youth Engagement
Peer Education and Mentorship
Peer education utilizes an already established means of sharing information and young people tend to identify with their peers and consider them to be credible sources of information. It is also a highly effective means of disseminating and engaging where access to conventional methods of education and engagement are non-existent. Peer education is an empowering experience for all involved; lending credibility, and creating empowerment and role modeling opportunity for the peer educator as well. In addition to this, peer education can result in strengthened impact assessments, as local youth collaboratively assess their situations.

YCI recognizes edutainment as a widely accessible and interactive medium that engenders specific socio-cultural attitudes in engaging, expressive and informative exercises that are uniquely youth based. From drum circles, hip hop and dance in Tanzania, to role playing and theatre programming in Guyana, YCI continues to develop exciting new models for youth engagement through edutainment programming.

Technology, Popular Culture and Multi Media
Popular culture is the youth medium. YCI has effectively acclimatized new developments in technology and multi media, conceding its powerful potential for youth engagement.
YCI’s interactive web media is ever expanding to include web audio, video, discussion boards, video conferencing, wikipedia exercises, photo sharing, testimonials, blogs, online surveys, chat forums, and live streamed video. YCI has also implemented multi media production, such as short film and small scale documentary projects, as a cross-cutting theme throughout our volunteer placement program.

Workshops and Conferences
YCI workshops and conferences help to support expanded access to information and skills training; providing opportunity for stakeholder gathering and networking, as well as creating professional prospects for local specialists and community leaders. YCI takes a participatory learning, action and appraisal approach in an effort to support community assessment on a mass scale while disseminating relevant information throughout our conferences and workshops.

YCI uses a strengths/assets based approach to youth engagement. Organized sport is often one of few previously established youth activities available where other organized youth activities are not. Sport has proven an effective means of youth engagement for YCI; promoting inclusion amongst youth and helping to address discrimination and marginalization for reasons of gender, religion, ability, ethnicity and disability, as well as providing an avenue for leadership, life skills and advocacy training through teamwork and collaboration.