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YCI depends on the fundraising efforts of its youth volunteers to achieve its aims and objectives. YCI receives funding from the Canadian International Development Agency and other donors. However, in order to ensure that the organization has sufficient funds to achieve its development objectives, participants are required to reach a minimum fundraising target. All proceeds are used by YCI to support its global youth development programs in South America, Central America and in Africa.

Youth Ambassador Fundraising Targets
5-weeks: $3,100 + Airfare
6-weeks: $3,400 + Airfare
8-weeks: $3,600 + Airfare
10-weeks: $3,800 + Airfare
12-weeks: $3,900 + Airfare

Youth Discovery Fundraising Targets
1-weeks: $1,500 + Airfare
2-weeks: $1,800 + Airfare
3-weeks: $2,100 + Airfare
4-weeks: $2,500 + Airfare

Fundraising targets in US dollars for American applicants. Fundraising targets in Canadian dollars for all other applicants.

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Although this may seem daunting at first, we help you to fundraise in your home communities with staff support and with online fundraising tools—check out our volunteer fundraising tools here. It is amazing what you can raise when you tell people about the great work that YCI is doing with youth in developing countries. And because YCI is a registered Canadian charity, all Canadian donors are eligible for a tax receipt. However, as YCI is in the process of registering in the United States, we are not able to provide American donors with a tax receipt until the registration process is complete.

What's Provided:

You will be provided with all in-country food, accommodation and transportation costs. But remember—we often work in remote areas and live very simply. Sometimes we have very nice accommodations. It all depends on local circumstances and every project is different. YCI also supplies medical and evacuation insurance for each volunteer. And don't forget that we are a charitable organization and we are devoted to helping disadvantaged youth in developing countries—this means there is a lot of behind the scenes work going on to achieve development objectives that you may never see. Your donation to YCI supports our long-term development goals.

What's Not Provided:

Airfare is not provided, since many volunteers like to combine the program with further travel and purchase their own tickets. We also don't cover any medical preparations, travel and supplemental medical insurance, personal equipment or specialty items that you may need. In addition, some countries require the purchase of an entry visa or work permit—we’ll help to organize this for you.

You can, of course, fundraise to cover these costs, although we cannot issue tax receipts for them.