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Volunteer in one of YCI’s international youth development programs! YCI engages with youth and communities across the world to address local development issues. Our programs are ideal if you are:
  • Interested in international youth development
  • Motivated to make positive change
  • Seeking an international team based volunteer experience
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With over 20 years of youth development experience, YCI’s programs are a safe and unique opportunity for individuals and groups to participate in youth development programming. By combining the energy and skills of youth volunteers with local youth and partners, YCI provides volunteers with the opportunity to contribute to innovative programming while developing personal and professional skills.

Volunteers work with local partners and youth on community-driven projects in four integrated programming sectors: livelihoods, leadership, health and environment. YCI offers five core programs for students, groups and professionals to engage in global youth development programming:

Youth Ambassadors
Three to 12-week projects for individuals ages 18 and up who are interested in participating in grassroots youth development programming.

Youth Discovery
One to four-week projects for individuals aged 18-30 who are interested in shorter-term options to work on environmental initiatives and community based infrastructure projects.

Youth Innovators
Four to five-week programs for volunteers with previous overseas experience and expertise in one of YCI’s three sectors.

Youth Leadership Teams
Short-term customized projects for pre-existing groups with specific skills and experience in one of YCI’s three sectors.

Global Professionals
Long-term programs for professionals with development experience and a related academic background.

Key Benefits of YCI’s Programs:
  • Youth Involvement –YCI ensures that young people play a central role in addressing youth issues. A key component of our work is combining the energy and skills of youth volunteers with those of local youth. Your skills and interests will help mobilize young people to become involved—and in turn, you will have the opportunity to gain experience and learn new skills from young people in the countries that we work.
  • Development Results – Our focus is on ensuring the best results overseas for local youth. We work hard to ensure that the involvement of volunteers is value-added to our partners. YCI focuses on long-term programs to ensure sustainability and effectiveness of results.
  • Cross-Cultural Understanding – By working closely with local youth and communities, you will have the opportunity to interact and be involved in innovative programming at the grassroots level.
  • Safety –YCI has a superb safety track record. Well-trained staff members supervise our programs. As well, the team-nature of the program ensures that you are never alone and are constantly supported.
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