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YCI implements projects addressing issues critical to youth in developing countries. The challenges facing developing country youth are massive and compounded by demographics – over half of the population in developing countries is under 24. The challenges they face include:
  • HIV/AIDS is deeply impacting youth in developing countries. More than half of the 14,000 of people newly infected each day are under 25 and will leave as many as 25 million orphans by 2010.
  • Gender inequality is rampant: young women continue to face inequality in health, work, and education opportunities.
  • Youth lack skills they need: 74 million young people are unemployed in developing countries and 96 million young men and women cannot read or write
YCI projects supported by the Canadian International Development Agency tackle these challenges – but we cannot do it without your help. For every dollar you donate to a project, the Canadian International Development Agency will match it with three dollars, tripling the value of your investment in YCI projects.

You can donate to our projects by secure online donation with Paypal using a credit card. Or mail a cheque to us along with this form. And of course, every donation will receive a charitable donation receipt for income tax purposes. (Unfortunately, we are not able to offer tax receipts to American donors at this time.)

Click here to view YCI’s current projects and to donate.