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YCI sends 150 youth volunteers overseas every year to assist directly with our projects in developing countries. Each volunteer conducts a fundraising campaign in their community to support YCI's international youth development programs.

Support a Volunteer
You can donate to their campaigns by secure online donation with Paypal using a credit card. Every donation receives a charitable donation receipt for income tax purposes. (YCI is a registered Canadian charity; all Canadian donors are eligible for a tax receipt. However, as YCI is in the process of registering in the United States, we are not able to provide American donors with a tax receipt until the registration process is complete.)

Click here to link to YCI’s fundraising pages to see how they are doing or to support their fundraising campaigns.

Provide a Scholarship
The work we are able to complete is not possible without the energy and commitment of our volunteers. In order to support these exceptional young people, YCI is seeking community and business partners who are interested in sponsoring volunteers to participate in YCI’s global youth development projects.

Click here to learn more about how you can support an exceptional young person in your community, provide a professional development opportunity to an employee, or support a group of volunteers through YCI’s Youth Scholarship Program.