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What We Offer Alumni

YCI offers a comprehensive package of services to help make the most of your project and translate your overseas experience into a valuable personal and career development opportunity. The following services are offered to all alumni upon arrival home from project.

Volunteer Completion Certificates: You will receive a certificate recognizing your participation in YCI’s programs by mail.

Feedback Opportunities: You will receive a link via email to an online survey to complete within a couple weeks of your return. Please feel free to provide us with honest feedback, as this is the only way we can improve our programs. You can also arrange a debrief phone call with the Volunteer Program Manager at any time.

References: YCI HQ staff are happy to provide written and telephone references to assist your job search. References will be based on your preparation period, volunteer evaluations from the field and volunteer self-reflection.

International Development Opportunities Listserv: Interested alumni are invited to join the international development opportunities listserv to receive regular information via email about local and international volunteer and job opportunities, as well as conferences. To subscribe, send an email.

Bi-Annual Updates From Your Project Country: You will receive updates from your program country to learn what’s new and track the progress of some of the activities you were involved with.

YCI HQ Alumni Internship Program: YCI offers full-time four to six month internship positions in the Toronto office for alumni. Internships are designed to provide opportunities for youth to gain substantive experience working for a Canadian international development organization while receiving a small monthly stipend.