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How To Stay Involved

Whether you are interested in volunteering once or on a regular basis, YCI offers a number of entry points to become engaged locally. The following five options are available for all recently returned alumni:

Alumni Mentorship Program
Want to give advice to new volunteers to help them prepare for their trips by sharing your experiences?  All returning YCI volunteers have the option to join the Alumni Mentorship Program and help prepare volunteers by answering questions, giving advice, and sharing experiences with new volunteers.  Alumni Mentors may also have the chance to give online presentations to outgoing volunteer groups.  

Outreach Events
Want to raise the profile of YCI and share your experience with your peers? Outreach events are a chance for alumni across the country to represent YCI at career fairs and community-based outreach events.  All volunteer alumni are provided with promotional materials, a How-to Guide and support from the YCI office.

Youth Speakers Program
Want to talk about your experience, share what you have learned, and inspire others? In the Youth Speakers Program volunteers give presentations to local organizations, businesses, and schools about their experience volunteering with YCI.  After applying to the program and receiving a Youth Speakers Program Handbook, volunteers are expected to research, network, and seek out speaking opportunities in their community to share what they have learned with others.  Members of the Youth Speakers Program meet once a month to share thoughts and ideas in an online feedback session. 

Youth Writers Program
Want to share what you have learned through the beauty of the written word? In the Youth Writers Program volunteers share their YCI experiences by writing online or print articles. YCI provides a Youth Writers Handbook to members of this program, which includes tips on how to get started and how to engage in media writing.  Youth Writers can then choose between a variety of options such as blogging or creating articles for magazines, newspapers, or community papers. 

YCI Promotional Representatives Program
Want to share your overseas experience and raise awareness about YCI on your school campus? YCI Promotional Representatives act as YCI representatives on post-secondary campuses by planning and attending events, liaising with faculty and administration and providing a local presence. All promotional representatives undertake an online training course and are provided with a comprehensive toolkit and staff support as well as monthly online team meetings.